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Odisha Economy Discussion Series (OEDS)

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Aims and Scope:
The purpose of this online discussion paper series is to make available to researchers unpublished papers on the economy and political economy of Odisha. Authors from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit their unpublished papers for inclusion here. Since the inclusion of papers in this discussion paper series does not constitute formal publication, the authors of such papers retain their freedom to publish the papers in any journals or books and also to have them included in any other discussion paper series.

Submission and Review:
Prospective contributor(s) can submit their papers through an email to Editorial Assistant at NCDS with the subject marked Submission: Odisha Economy Discussion Series. The managing editors will assign this to one among the editorial board (comprising the advisor, the managing editors and the editors) for a blind review. If the situation warrants, they may take the opinion of a scholar who is not a member of the editorial board. We shall try to give authors decisions regarding the inclusion of their papers in the Series within six weeks after submission. It may be mentioned that the purpose of the review will be just to ensure that all papers included in the series will satisfy certain basic standards rather than to give detailed comments for improvement (though the reviewers are most welcome to give the authors detailed comments on papers, should they wish to do so).

Editorial Office:
Advisor: Professor Prasanta Pattanaik.
Managing editors: Professor Shibalal Meher and Professor Narayan Chandra Nayak .

Professor Banikanta Mishra
Professor Padmaja Mishra
Professor Manoranjan Mohanty
Mr. Jugal Kishore Mohapatra
Professor Pulin Nayak
Professor Manoj Panda
Professor Raj Kishore Panda
Dr. Himanshu Rout

Editorial Assistant:
Mr Debabrata Sahoo (
Mr Niranjan Mohapatra

Manuscript guidelines:
Language: Papers should be written in English (we are also exploring the possibility of putting up articles in Odia also). The authors are requested to set their word processors language to English (India) but if that is not feasible or they are comfortable with some other version like English (UK) or English (US) then they need to stick to their preferred choice.

Cover page: The cover page being submitted by the author(s) should contain the following: title of the paper, name(s) of author(s) and main affiliations, an abstract, JEL classification codes, and keywords. The Discussion Paper Series will have its own format and style for the cover page that would be shared with the author(s) when the paper is accepted.

Paper size and page numbering: The author(s) should use A4 paper size and page numbers should be centred at the bottom with pages numbered consecutively (1,2,3,...) and the number 1 starts after the cover page. The cover page will have no page number.

Tables: Tables should be numbered consecutively (as Table 1, Table 2, Table 3,...). Smaller tables should be kept interspersed with the text, but larger tables may be made into appendix and numbered accordingly (see Appendix below) and kept at the end after the text.

Figures: Figures should be numbered consecutively (as Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3,...) and interspersed with the text.

Formulas: Formulas should be numbered consecutively on the left as (1), (2), (3). .... The author(s) should define all characters used in the formulas and refer to the formulas in the text as Equation (1), Equation (2),....

Footnotes: The footnotes should appear at the end of each page and should be numbered consecutively (1,2,3,...) throughout the paper.

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments and information on grants received should be presented at the end of the text.

Appendix: The appendix(es) could consist of supplementary material. The appendixes should be numbered as Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3, ... However, if the appendix has sub-components with additional tables, figures and equations within an appendix then they may be numbered as (Table A1, Table A2, ...), (Figure A1, Figure A2,...), and (A1, A2, ...), respectively.

References: This should start from a fresh page. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style (the Author-Date format, see sample citation at The reference list should appear alphabetically using the last name for sequencing the list of references. Wherever possible, hyperlinks may be provided. There should be a strict one-to-one correspond between name and date in the text and the references list.

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