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Working Papers

Working Paper No. Title/Subject Author(s) Year Download
81 Impact of economic growth and electricity consumption on CO2 emissions in BRICS countries: A panel data analysis Shibalal Meher June 2021 PDF icon WP81_NCDS.pdf
80 Efficiency of Electricity Distribution: A Micro Level Data Envelopment Analysis in Odisha Shibalal Meher & Ajoy Sahu August 2020 PDF icon WP80NCDS.pdf
79 COVID-19 and Migrant Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for Odisha Shibalal Meher & Jyotsnamayee Nanda June 2020 PDF icon WP79NCDS.pdf
78 Dynamic Causal Relationship between Government Expenditure and Revenue in Odisha: A Trivariate Analysis Shibalal Meher May 2020 PDF icon WP78NCDS.pdf
77 Nutritional Deficiencies in Maharashtra, 2004-05 and 2011-12 Lakshmikanth Hari & Srijit Mishra December 2019 PDF icon WP77NCDS.pdf
76 Bertrand Competition with One-sided Cost Uncertainty Ramakanta Patra & Hitoshi Sadakane August 2019 PDF icon WP76NCDS.pdf
75 Scale Neutrality in Indian Agriculture Srijit Mishra & Kaushiki Singh July 2019 PDF icon WP75NCDS.pdf
74 Is Small Still Beautiful? Revisiting the Farm-Size Productivity Debate Sarthak Gaurav & Srijit Mishra February 2019 PDF icon WP74NCDS.pdf
73 A food security experiment in remote areas: Evidence from indigenous India Ruchira Bhattamishra February 2019 PDF icon WP73NCDS.pdf
72 Measuring Energy Poverty: A Households Level Analysis of India Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan & Lakshmikanth Hari September 2018 PDF icon WP72NCDS.pdf
71 Substitutes and complements – the curious case of poverty measure Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan September 2018 PDF icon WP71NCDS.pdf
70 Zero Budget Natural Farming: Are This and Similar Practices The Answers Srijit Mishra June 2018 PDF icon WP70NCDS.pdf
69 A MANUSH or HUMANS characterisation of the Human Development Index Srijit Mishra & Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan December 2017 PDF icon WP69NCDS.pdf
68 Asset Markets, the Agency Problem and Gifts to the Early Medieval Buddhist Sangha in India P.V. Viswanath August 2017 PDF icon WP68NCDS.pdf
67 Gandhi’s doctrine of Trusteeship: spiritualizing inter-personal relationship Bidyut Chakrabarty 2017 PDF icon WP67NCDS.pdf
66 The Dynamic Causal Relationship between Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from Odisha, India Shibalal Meher 2016 PDF icon WP66NCDS.pdf
65 Decomposing Poverty Change in India: Within- and Between-group Effects across Regions,2004-05 and 2009-10 Srijit Mishra 2016 PDF icon WP65NCDS.pdf
64 Dialogue, Sacrifice and Reconciliation: A Study of Kandhamal Violence, Odisha Arun K Patnaik & Rajesh Bag 2016 PDF icon WP64NCDS.pdf
63 People’s Health Status and the State of Public Health Care Services in India: An Inter State Level Comparison R.K. Meher & Rajendra Patro 2012
62 Socio Economic & Cultural Determinants of Maternal Malnutrition in an Urban Slum P.K Acharya 2012
61 Power Sector Reform & Pricing of Electricity: The Odisha Experience S. Meher & Ajoy Sahu 2012
60 Status of Health Services Delivery & Tribal Communities of Odisha : An Assessment through Empiric Study N. Panigrahi & Abhijita Das 2011
59 Globalization, Industrialization and the State (A Sociological Study of Tribals’ Reaction to Industrial Development in Orissa) R.K. Meher 2006
58 Functioning of RNTCP in the Scheduled Areas of Orissa(An Empirical Study in Malkanagiri District) N. Panigrahi 2005
57 Inter-State Disparities in Fiscal Capacities and Fiscal Transfers in India S. Meher 2005
56 Shrimp Farming in Orissa: Its Economic, Social and Environmental Impact (A Narrative Report of the Case Study of Dhamara) M. Flaherty; K. C. Samal; D. Pradhan & Subrata Ray 2005
55 Orissa State Finances: A Review of Fiscal Management S. Meher 2004
54 Impact of Micro-finance on Poverty: A Study of Self-Help Groups in Orissa S. Meher 2004
53 Regeneration of Degraded Land and Sustainable Development: A Study in a Deforested Backward Region of Orissa S. Meher & Satyajit Tripathy 2001
52 Nutritional Support to Primary Education (Mid-Day Meal Programme): Its Impact on Enrollment, Attendance, Retention and Reduction of Dropout among Primary School going Children in Orissa and Tamil Nadu : A Comparative Study S.N. Misra & M.R. Behera 2001


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