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Training Programmes

One of the important objectives of the Centre is to impart training to researchers and bureaucrats associated with development issues of the state. Apart from guiding doctoral research work and helping the young researchers in developing their research and analytical capabilities, the Centre takes initiative for organizing training and capacity building programmes for the grassroots level official functionaries, social workers and volunteers involved in implementation of many welfare and development schemes for the socio-economic transformations of the country in general and the Odisha state in particular.

However, due to many adverse external factors and paucity of internal resource personnel to organize training programmes, the Centre has been able to take up as many training programmes as it would like to. During 1996-97, the Centre for the first time under the personal initiative of the then Chairman-cum-Honorary Director organized one month's training programme on "Research Methodology and Development Planning Process", for the officials like the District Planning Officers, Assistant Directors and Senior Economics Investigators of the Planning and Co-ordination Department of Government of Odisha. Following that, under the initiative and financial support of the International Labour Organization (ILO), New Delhi, India Office, the Centre organized a ten-day training workshop from 09-18 August, 1999 for the NCLP (National Child Labour Project) Project Directors of the South-Eastern region covering Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal to strengthen their capabilities and improve their effectiveness in the management of projects for elimination of child labour. Besides, with financial assistance received from the ICSSR, the Centre has organized three training workshops for the librarians and documentation officers during 2002 and 2010 to build up their capacity for library automation, computerization, information searching and accessing social science literature. During February 2011, the Centre started a 10-days Training Course in Research Methodology and Computer Application for Social Science Research. The training programme is planned to be conducted regularly once in a year for the benefit of doctoral students and other social science researchers in collaboration with the ICSSR.

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