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Conferences & Workshops

Since its inception, the Centre has maintained the tradition of organizing various in-house, regional, national as well as international seminars, conferences and workshops on different topical issues. Such academic gatherings help the Centre in increasing the mental horizon of the faculty and staff through their interactions with other faculty members of sister research organizations and universities and also with the social activists, planners and policy makers, politicians and the bureaucrats. Informal seminars and discussions by the faculty with regard to their preliminary empirical findings of different studies help them in improving the quality of the final research outputs. This also helps in activating interdisciplinary research and promotes better understanding between the faculty members of different disciplines. The Centre has maintained the tradition of holding preliminary discussion on the findings of a research project in an internal seminar of the faculty under the chairmanship of the Director. Then after obtaining clearance from the faculty and based on their comments and suggestions, the report is finalised accordingly.

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