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COVID-19 and Migrant Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for Odisha

Migration is associated with economic endeavours leading to inter and intra state migrations. But the situation arose due to pandemic COVID-19 is panic and became a tragedy in the history of India. The outbreak of Corona Virus with continuous reporting of fatality of the disease created consternation among the workers staying miles away from their near and dears. The imposition of lockdown and shutdown in phased manner also created uncertainty on their food security. The migrants without job and money have no other option to sustain in the host city except coming back to their native land. This desperate movement of huge number of migrants in the pandemic situation has created a bigger challenge for the state to address the life and livelihood issues simultaneously with a limited resource and infrastructure facilities. The increasing trend of COVID and its prolong nature has posed challenge for the state government to contain it and revive the economy at the earliest. Hence, an attempt has been made here to view the influx of migrants to Odisha during a period of health crisis from the dimensions of challenges and opportunities for the state which will pave way to address such vulnerability in future.

Key words: Corona virus disease, migration, Odisha

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Shibalal Meher & Jyotsnamayee Nanda
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June 2020

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