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Working Papers

Working Paper No. Title/Subject Author(s) Year Download
51 Super Cyclone in Orissa: Responses of Welfare Agencies for Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction N. Panigrahi 2000
50 Strategic Interdependence & Passive Smoking S. Mishra 2000
49 Infant and Child Survival in Orissa: An Analysis with NFHS Data S.P. Padhi 2000
48 Status of the Natural Resource Environment in Orissa S. Meher 2000
47 Basu, Foster and Subramanium on Isolated and Proximate Illiteracy S. Mishra 2000
46 Fishman Villages in and Around Chilika Lake: Their Socio-economic Characteristics K.C. Samal; S.Meher; Lopamudra Mishra; Kalyani Meher 2000
45 Socio-Economic Profile of Fishermen of Chilika: Their Income, Indebtedness and Co-operatives K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1999
44 Impact of Liberalisation: Environmental Degradation of Chilika K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1999
43 Chilika Lake During Liberalisation: “Rice Bowl” for Many Fishermen or “Shrimp Dollar Vault” for few? (A Study of Socio-Economic Impact of Chilika Lease Policy) K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1999
42 How Geographical Distance Play a Role –to-Urban Migration and Migrants link with Their Natives? A Study of two Modern Planned Towns of Orissa K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1999
41 Economic and Financial Performance of Iron Ore based Industries: A Study in Orissa S.N. Misra; S. Meher & M.R. Behera 1998
40 Origin and Development of the Concept of Informal Sector: Is it Worth Discussing in the Era of Liberalisation K.C. Samal 1998
39 Can Agro-Industries be an Effective Tool for Promoting Rural Development in Orissa? S.N. Misra 1998
38 Illegal Informal Foreign Exchange Market in India: Factors Influencing Parallel Premium Before and After “Floating” of Rupee K.C. Samal 1998
37 Migrants in Urban Informal Sector: Case Study of Five Class I Towns and Five Villages in Orissa K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1998
36 Alternative to World Bank Prescription for Poverty Alleviation in Post-Liberalisation Era: Study of a Tribal Block in Orissa K.C. Samal 1998
35 Migrants in the Talcher Coal Mine Region: Why They moved and what they earn K.C. Samal & S. Mishra 1998
34 Do Emerging Stock Market Affect Economic Growth Through Creation of Liquidity: The Case of India K.C. Samal 1997
33 Fifty Years (1947-97) of Industrial Development in a Backward State:The Case of Orissa K.C. Samal; S. Meher & A. Rath 1997
32 Planned Industrial Town under Socio-Spatial Ecological Draft of Urbanization in India – A Study of Rourkela R.K. Meher 1997
31 Agricultural Share Tenancy and Efficiency: Examining Neoclassical and Marxist Approach with micro-level Data from Orissa M. Swain 1997
30 A Study of the Promises and Performances of Mahila Banks in Orissa Navaneeta Rath 1997
29 Process of Urbanisation in Orissa: In Search of Macro Economic Factors Responsible for slow Urban Growth K.C. Samal & S.Meher 1996
28 NALCO Induced Transformation: Linkage Effects, Displacement; Rehabilitation and Environmental Pollution K.C. Samal 1996
27 Features and Determinant of Rural Non-Firm Sector in India and Orissa: A Survey K.C. Samal 1996
26 Forest Dweller Economy and Non- Timber Forest Products in Orissa: An Empirical Exercise on Selected Items R.M. Mallik 1996
25 Craft Economy of Orissa: An Overview P. Nayak 1995
24 Sanskritization to Politicisation: The Case of the Panas in Orissa P.K. Mishra 1995
23 State Versus Market in the Contemporary Management of the Financial System S.N. Misra 1995
22 Who will be included in Informal Manufacturing Sector: Study of Micro- Business Petty Producers and Small Capitalist Procedures at two Points of Time K.C. Samal 1995


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