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Working Papers

Working Paper No. Title/Subject Author(s) Year Download
21 On Employment, Productivity and Viability of Rural Industries: Findings from a Study on Orissa P. Nayak 1995
20 Women’s Social Movements in India Navaneeta Rath 1995
19 Industry Versus Environment: Styles of Development and Change in a Tribal Region – The Case of Rourkela R.K. Meher 1995
18 Development Scenario of Women in Orissa Navaneeta Rath 1995
17 In Managing Groundwater Together for Irrigation: An Analytical Investigation R.M. Mallik 1994
16 Magnitude of Dropout in Schools of Keonjhar District, Orissa P.K. Mishra 1994
15 Irrigation System in Orissa: Its Impact on Agricultural Development R.M. Mallik; S.P. Padhi & S. Meher 1994
14 Disguised Unemployment and Mobilisation of Surplus Labour for Capital Formation: A Critique of the Conceptual Approach with Reference to India’s Development Strategy S.P. Padhi 1994
13 Domestic Fuel Energy Consumption Pattern and Crisis: An Analytical Investigation R.M. Mallik 1994
12 The Migrant Female Bread Winners – Women in the Informal Secondary Sector of Rourkela R.K. Meher 1994
11 Replacement of Octroi in Orissa K.C. Samal 1994
10 Women –specific social legislations in India and Germany: A Comparative Study Navaneeta Rath 1994
9 Inter-Sectoral and Inter-Unit Linkages in Orissa K.C. Samal 1994
8 The Handloom Industry and the Socio- Economic Conditions of Weavers in Orissa R.K. Meher 1994
7 Economic Development and Structural Change in Orissa P. Nayak & M.K. Sarangi 1994
6 Inter-District Disparities in Levels of Development in Orissa - A Perspective R.K. Meher & C.S. Pasayat 1993
5 Development Intervention: The Saora Case K.K. Mohanti; P.K. Mishra & M.R. Acharya 1993
4 Agrarian Structure and Economic Differentiation in Peasantry: A Study of Tenural Status, Resource Endowment and Relative Efficiency of Owners Vs. Tenant Cultivation R M. Mallik 1993
3 Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) of Orissa – 1950-51 to 1988-89: Trends and Patterns P. Nayak 1993
2 Role of Urban Informal Sector in the Process of Development with Reference to Orissa K.C. Samal 1993
1 Industrialisation Drive and Functioning of Small Scale Industries in Orissa R.K. Meher 1993


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